Terms of Service

Last Updated May 24, 2019



Quickcash Network Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ”Quickcash”) is a company established under the laws of Singapore, and operates the Website (https://www.quickcash.com/), API and Mobile Application (hereinafter referred to as "Site" or “We”). QuickCash dedicated to the Generate digital assets and the provision of related services.

When the user (hereinafter referred to as “You”) use the services provided by the Site (hereinafter referred to as “Service”), you shall comply with the Terms and the provisions of the conditional page (“Terms”). This Agreement constitutes an entire agreement between the Site and the User (hereinafter referred to as “the Two Parties“) as a whole. Unless otherwise agreed, all other information provided by the Site or oral/written statements made are not binding on the Site and Users; The transaction policy and operation guideline are only for guidance and do not constitute a legal agreement between the Two Parties.

By accessing, browsing or downloading Site information and using the services provided by QuickCash, it means that you have read and understood the Terms and unconditionally agree to be bound by the Terms. QuickCash may amend the Terms at any time without notice. You agree that the web page has the right to modify, change or delete the terms without notifying you, and agree that any modified terms are binding on you. You confirm that it is your responsibility to regularly check whether there are any changes to terms of this Agreement and that if you continue to use the services provided by the Site and QuickCash after any changes to the Terms are published, you shall accept any such changes.

The copyright of the Site and all text, graphics, pictures, software and any other materials on the Site shall be owned by QuickCash, including all trademarks and other intellectual property rights related to materials and services of the Site. The materials on this Site shall only be used for personal purposes and shall be used for commercial purposes.

You can display the excerpt from the Site on a computer screen or print it for the above purpose, but you must retain any copyright and other proprietary notices on the original printed or downloaded content or any trademark or logo of QuickCash shall not make any changes, additions or deletions. Except as expressly provided in the Terms, no material on the Site may be changed, amended, copied, distributed or used in any other commercial environment without the prior written permission of QuickCash.

Under any circumstances, you shall not acquire any rights related to the Site or any rights related to the Site (except the right to use the Site under the Terms and any other terms and conditions applicable to specific services or parts of the Site) nor claim to own the Site or any rights related to the Site.


In this Agreement, unless otherwise agreed in the Terms under this Agreement, the following words or expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Agreement”: Refers to the clauses and conditions of use in the Terms.

"QuickCash": Refers to Quickcash Network Pte. Ltd., a company established in Singapore.

“Data”: Refers to any data that you enter into the Site by yourself or that you authorize to enter into the Site.

“Intellectual Property”: Refers to design rights, patents, copyrights, database rights, data protection rights, trademarks, service marks, moral rights, special technologies and any other intellectual or industrial property rights registered or unregistered anywhere in the world.

“CDP”:Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) is a smart contract which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

“VIP”: Refers to any currently registered user of Quickcash.

“Service”: Refers to all services provided through the Site (QuickCash may change or update from time to time).

1. Access Conditions

1.1 You shall ensure that all user names and passwords required to access the Site are secure and confidential. If you have unauthorized usage of your password or any other violation of security regulations, you shall immediately notify Quickcash who will reset your password for you;

1.2 This Site service requires the use of a QuickCash wallet. The Terms of Service of QuickCash Wallet is provided separately and describes how QuickCash Wallet uses , and information about the precautions. You agree that Quickcash will use your information in accordance with the Terms of Service of QuickCash Wallet on the Site.

1.3 When accessing and using services:

a) You shall not attempt to destroy the security or integrity of the Site calculating system or network, or, if it is a service hosted by a third party, you shall not destroy the security or integrity of the third party’s calculating system and network;

b) The usage of the Service shall not impair the functionality of the service or system, or functionality of other systems used to transmit the Service, or impair the ability of any other user to use the Service or Site, or abuse the Service in the above manner;

c) You shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the computer system hosting of this Site, or to have unauthorized access to any materials other than those expressly authorized for access;

d) You shall not transmit or enter any documents to the Site that may damage any others’ computing equipment or software; offensive content; or materials or data that violate any law (including data or other materials protected by copyright or trade secrets that you shall not have the right to use);

e) You shall not attempt shall to modify, copy, adapt, duplicate, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineering any computer program used to provide services or operate the Site, except those necessary for normal operation;

1.4 The usage of services may be limited, including but not limited to the amount of transactions allowed and the number of calls to the Site application interface. We will notify you of any such restrictions.

1.5 By registering as a VIP, you represent and guarantee that:

a) You accept the Terms; and

b) You have reached the age of 18 and have the ability to accept the Terms;

c) You legally own the funds transferred to your Site account, and the sources of such funds are legal;

d) Using the Site service shall not violate the laws of your jurisdiction;

e) You are aware of the risks involved in using the Services provided by the Site. These risks include digital currency's own high volatility risk and the risk that you may lose all the funds in the transaction account when the market development trend is unfavorable to you.

f) You will not participate in or initiate any form of market manipulation, including deceptive orders or other acts;

1.6 Quickcash reserves the right to verify your identity at any time in order to comply with relevant legal requirements.

1.7 We will impose certain transaction restriction before you are required to conduct Customer Due Diligence (CDD). You agree to cooperate with us in this process and provide all documents/information required by us to verify your identity and the purpose of your business relationship.

1.8 When we suspect or have reason to believe that you have been involved in suspicious transactions or other activities or violate any of the above guarantees, We can liquidate any account and CDP. We expressly disclaim any liability for any loss or revenue arising from our advance liquidation. You agree to compensate us in full for any third party lawsuits caused by your actions or our advance liquidation.

1.9 We reserve the right to liquidate any account and CDP at our discretion after giving a notice seven working days in advance. Therefore, you have 7 working days to redeem and withdraw assets. If you still have not redeem and withdraw assets when the deadline expires, we will liquidated the CDP and return the remaining digital currency in your account to you.

1.10 It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct details, including your withdrawal address. We are not responsible for the fact that you have not received the withdrawn digital currency because the information you provided is inaccurate or expired. You shall also be responsible for ensuring that transactions sent to Quickcash are properly formatted. Quickcash is not responsible for any inaccurate transactions.

1.11 We have the responsibility to maintain a good market order. Therefore, we can liquidate any account and CDP on the Site when the market is disturbed or other related external events occur. We are not responsible for any claimed loss or loss of profits caused by our advance liquidation.

1.12 In order to protect the rights and interests of Investors, the Platform has the right to liquidate the CDP (such as system failures, network failures, extreme market conditions, etc.), subject to those announced by the Site.

2. Intellectual Property

2.1 All intellectual property rights related to all materials used on the Site, including but not limited to design, structure, layout, graphic images and basic source code, are owned by Quickcash. All rights are reserved.

2.2 You confirm that all intellectual property rights of Quickcash and the Site shall always be owned by Quickcash unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties.

2.3 Submitting content to any public area of the Site, including blogs, message boards and forums, means that you have granted Quickcash exclusive rights and permissions to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, publicity, execute, display the content (in whole or in part) or create derivatives thereof, and to incorporate the content into other works in any form, media or technology currently known or later developed, for the entire duration of any rights contained in such content. You also allow any subscriber to access, display, browse, store and copy such content for personal purposes.

2.4 Submitting any content to the Site, means that you guarantee to have the right to own the content and all necessary intellectual property rights of the content.

3. Privacy Policy

3.1 Quickcash respects the Users’ privacy. The privacy policy of the Site is provided separately and describes how QuickCash collects, stores, discloses and uses information related to your privacy. You agree that Quickcash will use your information in accordance with the terms of privacy policy on the Site.

3.2 Site user information called in this Agreement refers to information that complies with laws, regulations and relevant regulations and meets the following scope:

a) Personal information provided to QuickCash when the user registers on the Site;

b) When the user uses the Site Service, participates in Site activities or visits the Site, QuickCash automatically receives and records user browser or mobile terminal data, including but not limited to IP address, information in Site cookies and Site records accessed under the requirement from the user;

c) Personal information of the user legally obtained by the Site from business partners;

d) Other personal information of the user legally obtained through legal channels.

3.3 Quickcash is committed to the following:

a) Quickcash shall not disclose password, name, mobile phone number and other non-public information of the user to any third party without legal reasons or the user’s prior permission.

b) Under the following legal circumstances, the personal information of the user will be partially or completely disclosed:

i Disclosed to the user or any other third party with the consent of the user;

ii According to laws, regulations and other relevant regulations, or the requirements of administrative organizations, disclosed to administrative, judicial organizations or any other third party stipulated by laws;

iii Other disclosures by Quickcash in accordance with laws, regulations and other relevant regulations.

4. Data Protection

4.1 Quickcash can store your relevant information in a database for internal use only. Quickcash will not disclose your information to any third party, except as required by law and your specific opposite direction.

5. Third Party Webpage

5.1 Quickcash provides third-party links that are not affiliated or associated with the Site (although brands, advertisements, or links of QuickCash may be presented on these webpages), Quickcash can send you email messages containing advertisements or promotions (including third-party links). Quickcash makes no statement regarding the quality, suitability, functionality or legality of the materials on the linked third-party webpages or any goods and services provided on these webpages. These materials are only provided for your interest and convenience. Quickcash will not monitor or investigate any third-party webpages. Quickcash will not assume any responsibility or obligation for any loss caused by the accuracy of the content or materials. The opinions expressed in the materials shall not be regarded as the approval, suggestions or opinions of Quickcash.

5.2 Under no circumstances may hyperlinks be created to any page of the Site without Quickcash’s prior consent. If you have already created a link to any page of the Site, you confirm that you are responsible for all direct or indirect consequences of the link and compensate Quickcash for all losses, responsibilities, expenses or expenses incurred or related to the link.

6. Warranties and Statements

6.1 You are committed to the following:

a) You have obtained authorization to access and use the Site; In particular, the jurisdiction in which you live, hold citizenship or do business allows you to use the Site Services;

b) If you use the Site on behalf of or for the benefit of any organization, then it is assumed that you have the right to use the Site. The organization will be responsible for your actions, including violations of the Terms.

c) You shall use this Site and Service at your own risk and agree that Quickcash shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused by your use of this Site and Service;

d) The information provided on the Site is for general reference only with good intentions.However, this information is selected and Quickcash does not verify all the information. For you, this information may be incomplete or inaccurate; Do not rely on this kind of information until there is no further inquiry. This information shall not be interpreted as transaction advice or service advice provided by Quickcash in a specific way; and

e) Quickcash does not guarantee the use of the Site to be free from interference or errors. In addition, the operation and availability of the system used to access the Site, including public telephone service, computer network and Internet, are unpredictable and may interfere with or hinder the access of the Site. Quickcash does not assume any responsibility for any such interference that prevents you from accessing or using this Site and Service.

6.2 Quickcash has not given any guarantee about the Site. Without limiting the aforesaid provisions, Quickcash does not guarantee that the Site meets your requirements or is suitable for your purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, to the extent permitted by law, Quickcash does not make any implied conditions or warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, ownership and non-infringement.

6.3 You represent and warrant that you have access to and use of the Site for commercial purposes and agree to these Terms; to the fullest extent permitted by law, to protect statutory consumer guarantees or laws of non-commercial consumers in any jurisdiction not applicable to the content provided on this Site or to the Term.

7. Service Performance

7.1 Under the condition that you or any third party provides computer equipment and the product relies on any of its functions, Quickcash does not assume any responsibility for the timely operation of the Site in the Internet environment.

7.2 By using this Service, you confirm that your understanding of whether the Internet and the World Wide Web can run in a timely manner is not controlled by Quickcash. You acknowledge that Quickcash is not responsible for any perceived slow running of the Site.

7.3 By using this Service, you accept that all transactions are final and irreversible.

7.4 By using this Service, you accept that Quickcash reserves the right to liquidate any account and CDP at any time, regardless of profit or loss of position.

7.5 Quickcash does not guarantee the following points:

a) The service meets your requirements;

b) The service will not be interrupted, and the service will be timely, safe or error-free;

c) The information provided through the service is accurate, reliable or correct;

d) Any errors or defects will be corrected or services can be provided at any specific time or place.

7.6 You assume full responsibility and risk of loss arising from your usage of the service.

8. Compensation

8.1 You agree to compensate Quickcash, its contractors, licensor and respective directors, executives, employees and agents for any and all claims and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising from your usage of the Site, including but not limited to your violation of this Agreement to ensure that they are not harmed thereby.

9. Refusal to Guarantee and Exemption

9.1 Quickcash, as the third party platform of “Network Service Provider”, shall not guarantee that the information and services on the Site platform can fully meet the needs of the user. Quickcash shall not assume any legal responsibility for any errors, insults, slanders, omissions, obscenities, pornography or blasphemy that the user may encounter in accepting Quickcash’s services.

9.2 Due to the particularity of the Internet, Quickcash also shall not guarantee that the Service will not be interrupted, nor shall it guarantee the timeliness and security of the Service, nor shall it assume any responsibility that is not caused by Quickcash. Quickcash strives to enable the user to access and use this Site safely, but Quickcash does not declare or guarantee that this Site or its servers are free of viruses or other potentially harmful factors. Therefore, the user shall use software recognized by the industry to detect and kill any viruses in files downloaded from Quickcash.

9.3 Quickcash is not responsible for the failure to save, modify, delete or store the information released by the user. Quickcash is not responsible for typographical errors and negligence on the Site that are not caused by QuickCash on purpose. Quickcash has the right, but has no obligation, to improve or correct omissions and errors in any part of this Site.

9.4 Unless expressly agreed in writing, Quickcash shall not guarantee the accuracy, integrity and reliability of any content information obtained by the user including but not limited to including, via, connecting or downloading from this Site in any way, including but not limited to advertisements, etc. Quickcash does not assume responsibility for any products, services, information or materials purchased or acquired by the user due to the content information on this Site. The user shall bear the risk caused by using the information content of this Site.

9.5 The user comments published by all users on the Site only represent personal views of the users and do not mean that this Site agrees with the views or confirms the descriptions. This Site shall not assume any legal responsibility arising from the user comments.

9.6 Quickcash has the right to delete all kinds of information on the Site that does not conform to laws or agreements, and reserves the right not to notify the user.

9.7 All notices sent to the user will be delivered by Quickcash through official page announcements, station letters, e-mails, customer service calls, SMS or regular letters. Quickcash shall not assume any legal responsibility for any activities or information such as winnings, discounts, and the like that are not obtained through formal channels of the Site.

9.8 Quickcash has the right to adjust the charging, withdrawal and transaction fee rates according to the market conditions, and has the right to decide the termination of the free promotion period.

10. Calculation

10.1 All calculations performed by the Site transaction engine and verified by the Site are final results. As in Section 6.1<e)> stated, Quickcash does not guarantee that the usage of this Site will be uninterrupted or free of error;

11. Conform to Your Local Laws

11.1 You are personally responsible for determining whether and to what extent to pay the relevant tax authorities the corresponding tax after deducting the correct amount of income from any transaction through the Service. In addition, you agree to abide by all relevant local laws. Regarding the prevention of the financing of terrorism and anti-money laundering activities, QuickCash voluntarily conducts Customer Due Diligence (CDD) as appropriate to prevent the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing and will cooperate with local authorities. When the court finds that any clause of the Terms is invalid, ineffective, unenforceable or illegal, the validity and enforceability of other clauses are not affected. Quickcash can control, restrict or empty your account and digital assets as appropriate or in coordination with local law enforcement agencies.

12. General terms

12.1 Quickcash’s failures to perform or delay to perform any clause or fail to perform or delay to perform any right under the Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of any of our rights.

12.2 In case of failure to fulfill obligations due to reasons other than reasonable control, including natural disasters, riots, wars, malicious acts of sabotage, fires, power outages, and government functions and powers, neither party shall be liable for this.

12.3 When the court finds that any clause of the Terms is invalid, ineffective, unenforceable or illegal, the validity and enforceability of other clauses are not affected. If it is determined that any clause is not enforceable, you agree that Quickcash, within the scope permitted by applicable law, modifies the clause to ensure that it is fulfilled.

12.4 The terms of this Agreement and your usage of services will be governed and interpreted by Singapore’s laws and will not be subject to its conflict of laws provisions. You agree that all disputes arising out of or related to this Agreement shall be irrevocably and unconditionally agreed, and any litigation or dispute arising out of this clause will be submitted to Singapore International Arbitration Center for arbitration.

12.5 If any clause of this Agreement is deemed to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such clause shall be deemed to be severable and shall not affect the legal effect of any other clauses.

12.6 The provisions of this Agreement provide for a complete understanding of the Service by both parties, replacing all previous understandings and communications related to them. Any other documents inconsistent with the provisions of the Terms will not be binding on Quickcash. You declare and guarantee that all information disclosed to Quickcash in connection with the Service Terms is true, accurate and complete.