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QC ERC20 version
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QC ERC20 token is based on Ethereum, which is issued and destroyed through a stable coin smart contract. Users can pledge the Ethereum assets to get QC and return QC to redeem the pledge assets. QC is flexible and easy to use, with high security.

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QC QRC20 version

QC QRC20 token is based on Qtum. Users can circulate QC by pledgeing digital assets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and QTUM. QC is one of top three coin used in the global BTC exchange market, with daily trading volume exceeding 2 billion, and has been used by more than 20 exchanges such as ZB, BW and Be.Top.

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More and more wallets, exchanges, platforms, application providers and service providers are joining QuickCash to support QC. Let's change the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem together.